5 reasons to shop local!

Written by Arianne Doppenberg – May 25, 2020

With our #SupportYourLocalBusiness campaign we want to welcome our visitors back to the city center and encourage them to shop locally. Find out below why you should shop local. 

1. Small businesses having a hard time during the pandemic
The coronavirus has a huge impact on the small businesses in Punda. Most of the local businesses have already lost huge amounts of revenue due to the quarantine. Now that the stores are back open again, we can support the businesses who are struggling.   

2. More jobs
Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally. This means that there will be more local jobs for your friends and family. 

3. Better personal customer service
Local companies appreciate you and your purchases more. They want to give you the best experience they can give. If you change your mind you can always bring the item back to the store. They have the best product knowledge and love to tell you about it. You don’t have to wait for your package to arrive and you’ll always have a face-to-face customer service. 

4. Unique products
Most of the time the products are locally made. This means they are unique and exclusive. Don’t we all want to have something exclusive?

5. Supporting our local community
If you shop at local owned businesses in your community, more money is kept in the community. Local businesses often support other local businesses by purchasing from each other. Shopping at a store on the island will increase the taxes revenues which are used to improve the infrastructure like buildings, roads, schools and other local programs that benefit the community (including your friends and family). 

So… Shop local!
We love to welcome you back in Punda to shop local. Share your experience with local shops by using the hashtag #SupportYourLocalBusiness.