Punda Arts and Culture Walking Tour

We start the tour at Plaza Nobo (1) to visit a beautiful mural. Take the stairs to find this hidden gem. The artwork called ‘With Pride and Joy” shows local people, fresh products and amazing smiles.

Plaza Nobo Mural

Let’s dive into some history at the Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue (2), the oldest synagogue of the Southern Hemisphere still in use. You can visit this impressive building with a guide or by yourself. It also has a museum that will provide you with insights into the history of Jewish influence. The synagogue also has a beautiful sandfloor which will surely be a highlight of your visit.

The Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue

Tip: Don’t forget to look up and around during this tour, you’ll see a lot of beautiful art and architecture.

You are probably a little bit thirsty now, so this might be a good time to go for a drink. Go to La Boheme (3) and get a delicious fresh smoothie at the smoothie bar. La Boheme is a quaint little bistro with the concept of homemade food. Their breakfasts options are simple and tasty to make you feel at home. They are best known for having the best smoothies on the island.

Continue to one of the most important buildings in Punda or even Curaçao, the Governor’s Palace (4), also known as ‘Fort Amsterdam’. This is not only a beautiful, historic building but it’s also still used for its original purpose; it’s the seat of the government. The governor’s palace is located at a beautiful location, right in front of the Queen Emma Bridge. Don’t forget to have a look inside the beautiful Fort Church. The Fort Church Museum allows guests to explore the history of the Dutch Protestant congregation that has been active on the island since 1635.

The Governor’s Palace

You can’t leave Curacao without a visit to the oldest building in Curacao (1693), the Postal Museum (6). You can instantly imagine how people used to live back in the days, many of the original details of the building have been preserved. Have a peek inside in this tiny but sweet museum with exhibits of Curacao stamps and postal history. The postal museum is open every day from 10am to 5pm. You will find this rare postal museum.

We’ll continue with another piece of street art, the Punda Wings (7). You may know this one from Instagram because it’s the most Instagrammable place in Curaçao. Spread your arms and be an angel for a moment! 

Punda Wings

Continue to a very special gallery, the gallery of Nena Sanchez (8). Nena was a local artist that passed away in 2017. Her artwork is as colourful as the island itself. Meet her sister in the gallery, you will love her! Buy a painting to take some of the joy home.

Nena Sanchez Gallery

After this day full of impressions, it’s time to end the day with a meal at Mistral (9). This is an affordable and really good restaurant owned by a Chilean family. The island of Curacao is a fusion of different cultures, and Mistral aims to bring all those flavors in their menu. You will find a combination of local, Latin and European flavors to express the beautiful concoction of cultures on the island.It’s located on the liveable Gomez Plein, where you can also do some shopping if you have time.

P.s. If you go here on a thursday night, there will be live music and dancers. Check out Route 3 for more information about this. 

Tip: If you love history, visit Kura Hulanda in Otrobanda. It’s an impressive museum about slavery and history of Curacao. 

The Maritime Museum tells more than 500 years of maritime history on the island. The story-line is illustrated through a permanent exhibition consisting of displays with authentic nautical charts, ship models and navigation equipment combined with audiovisual techniques. An attraction you cannot miss!