All about DMO

Join DMO in her mission to increase the vitality of Punda.

Our mission is to Increase the vitality of Punda by managing all aspects of downtown development.

The incorporation of the Downtown Management Organization took place on August 1, 1988. This was a direct result from the Curacao Action Group which was active with the stimulation of the economic development of Curaçao.

Since 1970, property and business owners in cities throughout the world realized that in order to revitalize and sustain vibrant downtowns, city centers and neighborhood districts requires special attention beyond the services city administrations could provide alone. As in Curaçao, the private-sector owners in Punda came together to form nonprofit management associations to deliver key services within the boundaries of Punda.

With voluntary funding from the property and business owners, DMO provides increased security and maintenance, hosts events, markets the group of businesses to consumers, recruits new business to fill vacant retail space, and orchestrates other activities often thought of as being provided by the city.

DMO started with the representation of both sides of downtown Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao. But in 1991 the Otrobanda organization decided that each side was better represented by their own individual organizations. Since then DMO represented the Punda side only. Nowadays DMO works closely with the three other districts of the historic Willemstad; Scharloo, Otrobanda and Pietermaai.

Our members in 2020:
Ackerman | Aldo | Pandora | Boolchand | Casa Janina | Casa Marco | Changes | Converse | La Palestina | The Athlete's Foot | De Buren | Pleincafe Wilhelmina | Emilia | Royal Gems | Mr. Tablecloth | Optica Central | Iguana Cafe | Iguana Too | JL Penha | MAC | Victoria Secret | Freeport Jewelry | Freeport Jewelry & Gifts | Freeport Duty Free | The Old Freeport Shop | San Marco Casino | Tommy Hilfigers | MCB | Senior & Co | Timeless | Onderlinge Hulp | Jewels by Rani | Jayson/Carousel | Novedades | Triple A Attorney | Cafe Bonchi | Tonia NV

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Vision of Punda

Punda is the emotional and functional beating heart of Curaçao. The best place to shop, work, live and play, in a warm, unique and historic environment. Punda is the Must See destination for the cruise tourists and stay-over tourists visiting our island. It is also a ‘living room’ for the local community, the residents in Punda and the workers in and around Punda.

Objective 1: Increase the Living Downtown

Increase the amount of residents living in Punda by developing more long and short-stay apartments.

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Objective 2: Attract more people to Punda

Attract more people to visit Punda by 1) increasing the awareness of Punda 2) ensure good accessibility and 3) increase the frequency of visits to Punda by increasing the quality and quantity of restaurants, bars and entertainment.

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Objective 3: Clean, Safe and Attractive

Ensure a safe, clean and attractive public space.

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"A downtown is just a collection of buildings. It's when you bring the people in, the magic happens."

Carine Ghazzi, Director DMO

Board Members 2020

Kevin Jonckheer


Mahesh Mukhi

Vice President

Berney Cheis


Johnny Samander


Joshua Pancer


Thijs de Bruin


Mark Cheis


Gerald van Ramesdonk