King’s Day 2020 in Pietermaai District

King’s Day and King’s Night are popular Dutch traditions. As we are part of the Dutch Kingdom, we love to celebrate King’s Day on Curaçao as well, in Pietermaai District Curaçao of course! We honor our head of state in style with a market of curiosities, festivities, live music and orange outfits. On our lively streets, which we close for traffic on this national holiday. We like to party! So, why celebrating one event if we can do two as well? Exactly! Therefore, the festivities in Pietermaai District already start the night before on King's Night 2020 in Pietermaai District, with live music and entertainment at several bars and cafes in the neighborhood. ?

Are you not familiar with this Dutch tradition? Be amazed by this unique, festive craziness and remember to wear something orange! Do you normally celebrate King’s Day in The Netherlands? Come to Curaçao and celebrate it in the tropics. You won’t believe your eyes and will never forget these awesome, memorable events!