Punda Wine Walk

Punda Wine Walk! ✨

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If you love wine, you will love this event! Join us on our Punda Wine Walk. Taste the best wines while you enjoy Punda.?

DMO, Grapes&Peppers and Nostra Casa del Buongusto will host a tour through Punda on December 12, 2019 during the Punda Vibes. The tour will bring you to 5 special locations in Punda, at each stop you'll receive a fine wine and a small bite with an explanation. Every wine matches the stops of the tour and you will discover the connection Punda has with it.

Ticket price: Fl. 85,00
Registrate and get your ticket for the Wine Walk by filling in the FORM > http://www.123formbuilder.com/form-5085641/my-form?fbclid=IwAR1Ge_Ke-DDMNpf7kkTTBCHyvii5c3uu_ctul8_RpSJ2Yr3eYI8-W-a9CUU