Waterfort “De Boogjes”

Curaçao has eight different forts, which are spread strategically over the island. Waterfort in Punda is by far the largest.
On “de Punt” (the Point) of the city, which was translated as “Punta” in Papiamentu and later transformed into “Punda”.

The original walls of the Waterfort were built in 1634. During this period, Johan van Walbeeck began the construction of Fort Amsterdam and Waterfort which protected the island from attacks from sea.

Nearly 200 years later, in 1827, the original walls were replaced by the impressive, elongated structure that still embraces the mouth of the St. Anna Bay today. The Waterfort was extended with towers, arches, stables and even a kind of hospital. The arches – De Boogjes – which are situated along the entire length of the city wall, are the most characteristic aspect of the Waterfort.


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