Punda Highlights Walking Tour

Start the walking tour at the Queen Emma Bridge (1), also called ‘Pontjesbrug’. The Emma Bridge is 168 mtr. long and it’s the only floating wooden swing bridge in the world, that’s why she’s also called ‘’the Swinging Old Lady”. In total, the bridge floats on sixteen pontoons at the ‘Sint Annabaai’. The bridge connects the two historical districts Punda and Otrobanda with each other. 

Do you already see the colourful Handelskade (2)? These famous buildings were once the foundation of the economy of Curacao. Thousands of ships moored here to load and unload goods. Fun fact; did you know that the buildings and houses are painted in different colors because the reflection of white was bad for the eye and caused headaches? In 1817 the governor passed a law mandating that pastel colors must be on all buildings. 

Tip: Lock your love! Buy a lock at the souvenir store on the handelskade and seal your love at the Punda Hearts. 

At the foot of the floating bridge, you will find 2 hearts, called the hearts of Punda. These were created to commemorate love. Many visitors come specifically to this location to literally lock their love on these hearts.

The Punda Hearts right in front of the Queen Emma Bridge

Walk along the water to Plasa Bieu (3), the old market, for a local culinary experience. It’s the perfect place to eat like a local. The ingredients are purchased daily which guarantees fresh meals. Some of the favorite local dishes are: the Kabritu stoba (goat stew) or the Jambo Supi (okra soup). Don’t forget to order an Awa di Lamunchi (lime lemonade). Prices of the dishes vary from nafl. 10 to nafl. 20. The old market is open from Monday till Saturday from 10am-3pm. 

We will continue the route to the Art Alley. The Art Alley is close to Gomezplein and is definitely a vibrant place you have to visit to get a peek into Curacao’s art scene. You will find handcrafted souvenirs, murals and is home of the art gallery of the famous “Chichi dolls”. Visit Art By Eve (4), a gallery selling local art made by the owner. Take a look or try making your own art from driftwood during a workshop. Besides that, it’s also a perfect place to buy a souvenir for friends, family or yourself. Don’t forget to look around during your walk through the Art Alley, you’ll see beautiful murals. 

Want to admire a piece of architecture? Discover Cinelandia (5). This is a striking example of art-deco architecture on the island. Back in the days this was ‘the place to be’ for movies, festivals and concerts. 

Walk further to the city beach (6), Marichi. It’s a small city beach where you can take a dip in the ocean or just take a walk with your feet in the sand. It’s a beautiful place for a break.

Tip: Do you wanna enjoy the ocean for a bit longer? Walk a little further to the Waterfortboogjes, take a drink and watch the sea hit the island.

Marichi City Beach

It’s time for a photo at the famous Dushi Curacao sign (7) at Wilhelminaplein. You’ll probably seen this sign a lot on social media, it’s a favorite photo spot. But did you know the meaning of the Papiamentu word Dushi? It’s one of the most popular words in Papiamentu, which means: delicious, beautiful, great, sweet. You can use it for everything positive.

Dushi Sign at Wilhelminaplein

We will end the tour where we started. Go around 6:30 pm to the Handelskade and order a Blue Curacao at Iguana café (8). From here on, enjoy the beautiful sunset from Curacao. If you are lucky, you’ll get to see the bridge open and close.