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Live in the Historic Area of Willemstad. One of the most beautiful, full of colorful life, places of world.

Close to amenities and public transport

One of the reasons to live in Punda is that there are many amenities and public transports that can facilitate people living in Punda. With walking distance of shops, school, work, recreational and cultural facilities and public transports it helps to keep you healthier and also active.

Attractions and entertainments

Punda has many facilities of attractions and entertainment, with a walking distance in and around Punda. Persons living in Punda can enjoy themselves during the week and weekend. Activities as museums, stores, restaurants, cinemas, beaches, arts, happy hours and more could be enjoyed.

Medical care

It is very important to live near a pharmacy or medical center in case of emergency. Punda is in a walking distance of St. Elisabeth Hospital in the future it would be called Curacao Medical Center. Punda is also in a walking distance of many other drugstores.

Safe & Secure

The downtown of Punda has a police station that manage to keep the downtown secure during the day and there are also 2 security guards and monitoring security vehicle that are patrolling on night hours till morning to keep the downtown secure and safe.