Punda Security Program

Punda Security Program: Why do we need this?

Before 2017 the police surveilled Punda during the nighttime. After budget cuts, surveillance by the police disappeared during the night and the number of burglary increased. In 2017 the Downtown Management Organization has set up a project for 24/7 surveillance in Punda together with Securitas, resulting in a 24/7 security program (during the day: Police; during the night: Punda security).

What the Punda Security team does during the night:

  • The team monitor the streets and alleys, looking for suspicious persons
  • Unwanted figures are send out of Punda during the night
  • The team is in close contact with the police in case of any suspicious situation
  • All situations are reported to the Securitas Control room, and every night a report is made
  • If they see something suspicious with a property (open window, door of shop not closed, etc.) they contact the keyholder of the property
  • If an alarm goes off (connected to Securitas central) the guards are at the place within 3 minutes. This has prevented multiple burglary attempts to become bigger.
  • We are continuously improving the service together with Securitas and the ministry of Justice.

It’s everybody’s own responsibility to secure their property. If you need advice how your property can be more secured, please let us know. Please note that the security team does not give 100% guarantee that no burglary will happen. However it does decrease the risk significantly!

We need everybody’s contribution to keep Punda Safe

At this moment a few owners pay for the safety of all Punda. The security team reports all suspicious observations and looks at all streets, regardless if the owner pays for the service or not and regardless of the security company that you are connected to. With more contributors we can increase the number of surveillance hours and number of guards.

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