All about Punda and her famous Handelskade: Curaçao’s most iconic image.

Fall in love with the Historic Neighborhood Of Punda

When it was originally settled, this neighborhood was called “De Punt” (“The Point”), a name which eventually evolved into Punda. Willemstad’s most historic buildings are found here, from Fort Amsterdam and the Fortkerk to the Mikvé Emmanuel-Israel Synagogue. Here in Punda is the location of the famous Handelskade: the waterfront collection of multi-colored buildings that has become Curaçao’s most emblematic image.

Over the years, Punda has developed several target groups. The local population and the tourists. Punda tries to create a supply for both demands. Tourists like to come to Punda to visit the shops and to have a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants. The local population also likes to come to Punda to work or to maintain their social contacts.

If you are in the mood for local food, then Punda is the place to go. Plasa Bieu is perhaps the most popular place to taste the Curacao dishes, but there is much more choice. If you want to enjoy a delicious meal with the beautiful view or at the trade quay Punda has it for you.

Punda has always been the center of Willemstad and probably always will be. In Punda you will never be bored, there are plenty of shops and eateries where you can enjoy yourself all day.

Why you will Punda

Colorful buildings

Nothing is more amazing than the streets full with life and colors; fantastic murals and colorful building all over the town. There are more than 25 painted murals, and hundreds colorful buildings to admire. This is something that you need to experience all by yourself.

Queen Emma Bridge

This unique pontoon bridge is one of the reasons to love Punda. The Queen Emma Bridge connects the Punda and Otrobanda quarters to the capital city, Willemstad. The bridge is hinged and opens regularly to enable the passage of oceangoing vessels. The bridge is built in 1888 and is renovated several times after this.


Punda is surrounding by history. There is so much history about buildings, arts, sculptures and statues that can be trace back in museums in Punda. If you know all about Punda and their history you will really fall in love.


They said food is life. But eating extraordinary good food on one of the beautiful terraces of Punda is the perfect combination! Don’t forget to taste one of the Caribbean tasteful drinks.

Punda Vibes

Punda Vibes is an amazing night life event every Thursday in Punda; it turns into a festive, vibrant gathering place for young and old. With a wide range of planned activities, you are about to experience the best our city has to offer. You can consider it more than just a night life event it is a unique experience with live music, happy hours, local dancers, craft markets, arts, firework show, open stores and more.


Curacao culture is one of the most ineffable cultures to experience. Curacao is a melting pot with more than 50 nationalities that merged themselves to one unique and beautiful culture. This is one of the main reasons to come to Punda and experience how friendly and kind those people are. Meet their habits, music, dance styles, local food and more.