Street Art Tour

Everywhere you look you will find beautiful art in this historic district. Discover the special stories behind these works.

  1. We start the tour at Plaza Nobo to visit a huge joyful mural. Take the stairs up to find this hidden gem. The artwork called ‘With Pride and Joy” displays the people of Curaçao, fresh products, and unforgettable smiles. The local artist, Sander van Beusekom, has painted multiple murals in Punda, Scharloo and even internationally.
  1. On to the next spot, the ‘Three Little Birds‘ at Plaza Jojo Correa. This art installation is made by Omar Sling, completely out of recycled materials and named after Bob Marley’s famous song. These typical Curaçao birds (Bananaquit) are perfect for making music with family and friends (or pretend for the photo). As the artist says: “Through music, we create connections.”
  1. Spread your arms and feel like an angel for a moment! We continue on to the best Instagrammable spot in Curaçao: the mural #PundaWings by Avantia Damberg — a great example of interactive art in Punda. Do not forget to look up for another beautiful mural called ‘The Hidden Heroes’, painted by the same artist. It honors the people who had an immeasurable value to the emancipation of Curaçao. One of them being Medardo de Marchena, he fought for equality and the rights of women in the early 30’s.
  1. Just around the corner of this mural you will find another angel. The iconic ‘Angelito Negro’ is painted by Garrick Marchena, one of the most famous street artists of Curaçao of whom you will find murals all over the island. His intention with each piece of work is to inspire others to be positive.  
  1. We continue with a refreshing stop at La Boheme, the place with the best fresh smoothies on the island. This cute little bistro also serves very well as a backdrop for your next Instagram post! 
  1. On to thé Art hotspot of Curaçao: the Art Alley. These little alleys offer a variety of local art shops in the heart of Punda, a hidden secret you must see when you visit our beautiful city. Here, you will find murals by artists: Serena Israel, Nena Sanchez, Shirley Wimpel, Enjoy by Caroline, ArtbyEve and Jean Girigorie. Meet and greet these ladies inside the stores and buy a piece of art to take with you.
  2. We end the tour on a hidden square, the Keukenplein. Grab a cold beer and enjoy the 3D murals around you crafted by Esteban Ferrales. The artist, inspired by the Curaçao countryside, wanted to reflect a piece of the flora and fauna on the walls of the aging buildings of Punda. Cheers!