“The Best 10 Punda-based Accounts to Follow”

Written by Sjaldir Adriana – April 7, 2020

You love to shop for clothes, food, art or jewelry. But what you love more is to window shop from your couch! We completely understand!

Check out our list of some of Punda’s best social media pages. They have a story to tell, one that you should see for yourselves. And don’t only look, give them some love, likes and shout outs!

1. Art-By-Eve (@artbyevecuracao)
The instagram account of Art-By-Eve is joyful and warm! Exactly what we need right now. With some beautiful portraits and the warm feeling it has, it truly is one of our favorites. Art-by-Eve gives you the feeling that it is all about you. During this difficult period, she quickly introduced a method to still be able to provide you with her work. If you are an artsy kind of person and you are not following Art-By-Eve, you are missing out. Follow her and let her inspire you. She truly represents Punda, her aesthetics and energy is hopi dushi.

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2. Pandora (@pandoracuracao)
If you love some bling, be it rings, charms or bracelets, Pandora is the place to be. Pandora’s Instagram and Facebook page are charming. Pandora shows they value their customers and their employees. Scroll through their page and you’ll see what I mean. You will be overwhelmed with the amount of smiles from the employees, their happiness is contagious! 

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3. La Boheme (@labohemecuracao)
La Boheme is a smoothie and juice bar located in Punda, well nothing special right? Wrong! La Boheme offers you tasty and delicious food which are also super healthy. What you see is what you get. La Boheme sits at the heart of Punda Thursday Vibes, it’s the best place to get your Mojito. Have you been at La Boheme? Then the chance is big that you’re featured on their page. Their page is engaging, it offers you some inspirational, fun and enjoyable posts. In their own words: “Music, dancing and laughing. It’s for moments like that La Boheme stands for.” 

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4. Penha Duty Free Curacao (@penhadutyfreecuracao)
Are you a fan of perfume, make up or body treatment products? Well Penha is the place to be. Penha keeps you on your toes as they look to introduce a new line every week. Penha organizes regular Loyalty Events, which are announced on their social media. We forgot one important detail, follow them be on the lookout for their unbeatable prices. You may thank us later!

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5. The Athlete’s Foot Curacao (@theathletesfoot_curacao)
Calling all sneakerheads! Want to always be in style, wear the coolest and most unique sneakers on the island? Well, what are you waiting for, follow this page NOW! The name is a testimony of what they provide, sneakers worth being worn by athletes. Sometimes when we are working we just slide through to this page just to gaze at these beauties.

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6. Enjoy by Carolina (@enjoy.by.carolina)
The name says it all, this instagram page is a joy to watch. Her page is as colorful as the energy her shop gives you once you visit it. Carolina is quite the artist, she uses beautiful colors that portrays her positivity and gives you the feeling of hope. We understand you want a bit of her in your house. Till the end of the lockdown, the closest feeling you can get of visiting her shop is by following every move on Social Media. 

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7. Chichi Curacao (@chichicuracao_punda)
The chichi doll tells a story, a story of perseverance and of chasing your dream no matter what. Live, if anything live to your fullest. That’s the story of Serena, the entrepreneurial mind behind the Chichi doll. For the page Chichi is the central figure. Chichi takes you on a journey to all great locations on Curacao. So stay home, and let Chichi show you the world outside. 

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8. Emilia Curacao (@emiliacuracao)
If you’re passionate about fashion then Emilia’s page is the place to be. Trendy, affordable and with your interest at heart. Be on the lookout for specials; they are quite frequent. Feast your eyes on some beautiful clothes, which are presented to you by some of Curacao’s and world’s finest!

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9. Freeport Jewelers (@freeportjewelerscuracao)
Everything jewelry is available at Freeport Jewelers, from watches, earrings, bracelets, charms to swarovski. Their collection of watches for men and women, are the best on the island or maybe even the world. So guy or girl, you need to follow this account. The presentation of jewelry is quite jaw dropping and makes you want to buy everything! 

10.  Plein Cafe Wilhemina-Curacao(@pleincafewilhemina)
If you are a food enthusiast then Plein Cafe is the place to be! Be on the lookout for specials, creative dishes and presentations. Plein Cafe offers a variety in all types of drinks, including smoothies and beers. Follow them and feast your eyes on the flavorful dishes and tasty drinks. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the variety of beers below!

With that we conclude the blog. It is worth noting that this was not a ranking, the positioning of the pages has no worth. There you have it then, Top 10 Punda-based pages that you should follow. See them for yourselves, there might be a surprise for you! Have a good one, and tell us about your experience with these wonderful pages. I’m excited to hear from you!