The most beautiful murals in Punda

Written by Arianne Doppenberg – April 20, 2020

Curaçao is known for its beautiful colors, and we kind of need a little color at this moment, right? Not only the buildings that are spread all over the island, have beautiful colors. Over a long time, many local artists have created colorful murals. Now that we have to stay inside as much as possible, I’ve decided to give you a digital art tour through Punda. I will show you a few of the most beautiful murals of Punda. Sit back and enjoy the artwork.  

Starting with one of my personal favorites, the ‘Dushi’ mural. Do you know the meaning of the Papiamentu word Dushi? If not, this mural will tell you. I love the word and the painting because it really represents our Dushi Kòrsou. The artwork is from ‘Your Private Artist by Bagira’. 

If you walk a little further, you’ll arrive at the next wall painting. This mural is next to Enjoy by Carolina, a gallery & colorful art shop. If you love taking pictures for social media, you are at the right spot. This is for sure an insta-worthy place. If you do take a picture don’t forget to tag @pundalovesyou and the artist @Enjoybycarolina, we would love to see your results. Of course, for now; stay in the house and enjoy this artwork from your screen. 

The next painting is at the corner of the Keukenstraat and Hanchi snoa. You usually don’t pass by this one, but it’s worth going there! This beautiful artwork is from Garrick Marchena. 

A little further from the center of Punda, you will find these two beauties. Painted by Jhomar Loaiza. These paintings are painted on the walls of an old, currently unused hotel in Punda. I think it’s really amazing because they give a little color to a place where almost nobody is coming. So, you should go there and see them for yourself, especially if you also love old, abandoned buildings.

Last but not least, I want to highlight the mural ‘Angelito Negro’. This is also an artwork from Garrick Marchena. You’ll find this beautiful urban angel in the Kuiperstraat. Have you already spotted this one? 

I highlighted a few of the wall paintings. Of course, there are a lot more murals in Punda. If you are interested in these artworks, please keep an eye on our social media pages. In the upcoming weeks local artists will tell you some more background information about these, and other murals in Punda. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @pundalovesyou and stay tuned… There’s more to come!